E.P Design Lab

At E.P. Design Lab, have a passion to bring beauty into every home and office around the world. They are a team of visual artists, designers, and creatives who know how much our environments affect our daily lives.

The inspiration behind E.P. Light was born when they noticed that light bulbs are so prevalent in our work and home lives. So they asked themselves how they can infuse beauty into these spaces. Thanks to the strong creative influences of Jackson Pollock and Thomas Edison, they created E.P. Light. -- environmentally-friendly, hand-made works of art, with LED lights, bringing beauty into every space.

E.P. Light is an ambient LED light made with environmentally-friendly silicone injections. Each bulb is made from the highest quality resin, found only in Burma. It is very transparent, it won't break when it's dropped, and it is not hot to the touch even after it has been illuminated for hours. And of course, it's recyclable and friendly to our environment.